organic facials

Facial treatments specially designed to give an optimum balance of purity and hydration to your skin, using natural ingredients. Each facial allows you to enjoy the delicious textures and aromas of each product designed especially for you, while you relax with a revitalizing neck and shoulders massage.

deep cleansing

A full facial covering the basic needs of the skin with a deep exfoliation that removes dead cells. Enjoy a moment of steam, followed by a gentle extraction cleanse and purify your pores, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful, healthy and flawless skin.


Tea tree, clay and mint
Get a fresh, clean and unblemished thanks to the natural assets that gently give your skin a regenerating effect astringent, anti-inflammatory and skin.


Capsicum and Snail
Designed for this desert paradise, facial capsicum and snail repairs signs of sun damage, while working depth avoiding the appearance of wrinkles, returning a silky texture and also diminishing the appearance of small scars.


Red wine and grape seed
Repairs cell damage and returns to your skin its moisture, firmness and healthy glow with powerful active red grape and red wine. Let time pass by without leaving a trace on your skin with this unique treatment.

sensitive skin

Aloe vera, chamomile
Thinking of the needs of the most sensitive skin, this soft facial offers a decongestant, purifying and soothing effect, helping to strengthen the protection of the skin against the environment, stress and everyday use of certain products.

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Enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic experience with the holistic philosophy of Manoma. Get the benefits of a sensitive touch by professional hands that help you release tension and stress, increasing your energy levels to achieve balance of body, mind and spirit.


Through a smooth and intuitive touch releases the physical and mental stress leading you to an atmosphere of harmony and relaxation.


strong and deep maneuvers that help release chronic muscle tension giving a relief and rest areas of constant tension.


Suited to the needs of each patient, this massage is special for those who like a sporty, active lifestyle. Maneuvers suitable for preparing the body and prevent injuries during physical activity and / or relax the body after hours of training.


For the Mom to be, this conscious body massage with special movements and positions for maximum comfort and care of her and the unborn baby. Focuses on smooth legs and feet maneuvers to help lymphatic drainage and a deep care for back, neck and head.


“Be seduced by a luxury 100% golf experience
Latest innovation in excellent therapeutic massage to relieve tension, soothe sore muscles, improve flexibility, relieve stress and recover physical and mental energy, ensuring complete rest. This generous ritual relaxes your muscles from head to feet through an excellent therapeutic massage performed with golf balls, promoting circulation and reducing joint pain.

feet reflexology

As you are pampered, enjoy an energy activation therapy through the stimulation of energy points located on the soles of the feet. Health, balance and deep relaxation are some of the effects of this wonderful therapy that works deep on your feet to release emotions, toxins and stress of every organ of the body.


The balancing massage is a fusion of ancient healing practices of the old East and West, special to heal the body, mind and soul. Enters a state of deep relaxation, revitalizes, relieves pain, energizes and heals through Ayurvedic techniques, aromatherapy, acupressure, reflexology and reiki; practices used for thousands of years to strengthen and heal the spirit. Disconnect yourself with a simple healing massage from head to toe that reaches the heart and soul.

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Natura Bissé Deluxe Treatments

For the ultimate luxury, nothing more exquisite than our rituals facial and body treatments that combine the latest protocols for rejuvenating the skin, art assets with the newest sensor technology to give a 360° change of your image. All our luxury treatments are offered with the internationally renowned Natura Bissé product line.

the cure

“Exceptional beauty cure”
Effective protocol that cleans the skin depth of skin detoxifying and releasing stress. This meticulous cleaning protocol is based on thermo-active enzyme detoxification: provides heat to open and soften pores and botany freshness to close them and purificarlos.Este treatment is a new concept that consents your skin, without any aggression, providing a immediate well-being for your skin to reach maximum purity.

the O2 relax

“A breath of fresh air for your skin”
facial treatment for all skin types, especially beneficial for those who have dull or dehydrated skin. This protocol releases pure oxygen molecules in the skin that provide energy to cells and help eliminate toxins stored in the pores to reach an absolute state of purity and vitality to the skin.

the citruss essence

Antioxidant. Vitamin C

“Ritual of citrus aromatherapy for glowing skin”

This exquisite protocol awaken your senses giving the skin all the energy of vitamin C. Its extraordinary antioxidant repairs even the most damaged skin revealing a fully hydrated and revitalized with which’ll look radiant complexion face. Delicious citrus aromas and rich textures make it an unforgettable experience.

essential eyes

Nutritious and refreshing look.
The thin, delicate skin of your eyes, expressive movements subject to constant, accurate specific care that effectively prevent and treat wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore our delicate treatment you discover a look full of vitality, free from puffiness and dark circles and visibly rejuvenated appearance. In beauty, is definitely a rescue treatment for special events!

facial yoga

Because your face is a reflection of the soul, energizes and releases tension through a face Facial Yoga supported by the warmth of the hands of the therapist, giving an invigorating time to reconnect with yourself. While you enjoy this experience, you receive a cleansing ritual and extraordinary anti-aging facial that restores firmness of your skin, reflecting your beauty from within.

Diamond Life infusion

Facial Anti-Aging. The art of rejuvenation.
An innovative treatment that infuses life into your skin with powerful rejuvenating action.
This comprehensive intensive treatment provides a firmer, luminous and visibly younger looking skin. Redefines facial contours, improving skin texture and reducing wrinkles and fine lines in just one session. While penetrating the assets of each product receives magnetic stimulation that helps rapid regeneration of the skin of the face and neck.

white diamond

Clarifying Treatment of luxury and regenerante

“Expert depigmentation treatment for a skin blemish”

Cosmetic Natura Bissé response to finding an unblemished skin and free of imperfections.
This despigmentante effective method based on 3 pillars: renewal, depigmentation and lighting, through which manages to unify exceptionally skin tone and texture. Their high concentrations of anti-stain active ingredients act with high precision where the skin needs. You presumirás a spectacularly bright, smooth and velvety complexion; the ultimate solution for beauty spots.

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