aesthetic facial spa

With the care that your skin requires and the professionalism of our services, we offer excellent facials using state-of-the-art equipment. The technology of our equipment is applied to your face in response to your specific needs, firmness, hydration and skin renewal.

facial RF

A session of facial rejuvenation is what radio frequency provides, which through heat waves renews the collagen in your skin, eliminating visible aging signs, creating a tightening effect that smooths wrinkles, bags under eyes and redefines facial oval.
30 Minutes.

facial gold

Organic Facial with radiofrequency.
The perfect combination of a delicious and nutritious organic facial with the benefits of radio frequency, to remove fine lines, tired appearance and sagging facial skin.
75 minutes

facial IPL

Energy of Intense Pulsed Light acts on the deeper layers to gradually improve the tone and texture, remove pigmented lesions, fine wrinkles and brighten the skin.
By area: face, neck, chest and hands.
Phototreatment. Acne.
Phototreatment. Stains.
30 minutes

facial carboxytherapy

A quick, convenient, and effective way to give back to face youth through C02 infiltration treatment. This treatment increases blood flow and oxygenates each removed layer of skin, eliminating dark circles, signs of aging and restoring skin luminosity and firmness from the first session.
30 Minutes

premium facial

The most complete facial covering the needs of the skin, beginning with deep cleansing and exfoliation, and focusing on particular skin disorders, using the best technology of our Aesthetic Spa.
90 minutes

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body aesthetic spa

A wonderful alternative to cosmetic surgery to reduce size, shape your silhouette, firming the body and improving the texture of your skin with visible, effective and completely safe results with our latest equipment.


Innovative therapy for body fat removal by applying cold with similar effects of liposuction without being painful or invasive. It is applied in specific areas of the body like. abdomen, back, thighs, arms, buttocks.
80 Minutes

body radiofrequency

Relaxing therapy and firmness body by reduction through heat waves that stimulate new collagen in the skin, reducing localized fat, cellulite and improving skin appearance in general. It is applied in areas such as abdomen, back, thighs, arms, buttocks.
30 minutes


A nice relaxing therapeutic treatment that helps to eliminate cellulite problems, modeling body shape and release toxins. Also indicated to refresh blood flow in legs and muscles and recover after exercise training in athletes.
30 Minutes

vibrating platform

The vibration platform exercises will give you amazing results in a short time. Each 15-minute session is equivalent to hours of conventional training. In support molding treatments and body firming, the vibrating platform helps you exercising, reducing sizes and helps body tone.
15 minutes per session


One of the best therapies to fight cellulite, excess body fat, sagging, improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and aging body through the infiltration of CO2.
30 Minutes


Widely recommended therapy for people who have recently performed a surgical procedure. Thanks to its amazing effects in reducing inflammation, pain and edema. The ultrasound helps prevent generation of fibrosis and support healing processes and skin regeneration.
30 minutes


Using this technology of mechanical low frequency vibrations results in mobilization of deep fluids and toxins. An excellent activation of circulation, decreasing body disturbances as fluid retention, fibrosis, cellulite and localized fat. G5 produces an effect of effectively and enjoyably percussion, developing a relaxing oscillatory massage.
30 minutes

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