Normatec Recovery System Los Cabos

If your focus is to run, climb, or lift weights, you must find the solution for the recovery of your legs, Normatec Recovery System is the pressure therapy system that works with two boots that cover all legs and that mimic the normal circulation of blood through a system of sequential pulses.

Founded by a bio-engineer, in order to provide a unique massage to accelerate muscle recovery before and after sports and for the rehabilitation of muscles, as you know, a good recovery is almost as important as training same.

How the Normatec Recovery System works
Normatec Recovery System, is one of the best pressotherapy technologies for recovery, warming and rehabilitation that exist today, with a unique massage model, which is also used by the best athletes worldwide and you can take advantage of its benefits.

The different fragments of the pants are inflated, at the same time you will feel something like a blood pressure cuff, which pushes away the metabolism waste found in the muscles.

In the Pre-workout, perform a warm-up of your muscles, with the highest technology and whose duration is around 20 minutes.

In post-training, accelerates recovery by decreasing muscle fatigue and stiffness that remains after strong training. This treatment can last between 20 and 60 minutes with a medium and high intensity. You can feel the relief immediately.

In rehabilitation, it is highly effective in reducing swelling, pain and muscle stiffness, providing greater mobility.

The technology of Normatec Recovery System, imitates circulation by:

• Pulses: doing a dynamic compression
• Gradual retention: in which the fluids are not forced towards the feet.
• Distal release: retains normal circulation.

If you did not know this new technology, or if on the contrary you looked for it, but you thought that you did not have it at your fingertips, you already know that in Manoma Spa, you can find Normatec Recovery System.

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