TheraGun Relief Therapy en Los Cabos

When it comes to the welfare and health of our customers, Manoma Spa & Wellness is always at the forefront of the best treatments and machinery available in the market. TheraGun Relief Therapy is a world leader in percussion therapy that brings multiple benefits to you and that combine frequency, range and rotation, activity and muscles.

TheraGun Relief Therapy, is the ergonomic device that helps you in the treatment of:

• Relief of muscle fatigue, pain, spasms and stiffness. Come to Manoma Spa and give the best gift to your body.
• Increases lymphatic flow and reduces lactic acid.
• Treatment for muscles, joints and trigger points.

How TheraGun Relief Therapy works
If you are a person who trains hard or if you have muscle aches from other functions of the day, TheraGun Relief Therapy is the right one to help you feel like new quickly, because it increases the blood flow in the muscle, thus reaching the deep tissues. and effectively, in this way you will feel relieved and will be able to continue performing your daily activities as you normally do.

Before training, you can come to Manoma Spa where this device will help you quickly warm up your muscles. After the exercise, TheraGun Relief Therapy will efficiently eliminate lactic acid.

On the other hand, if you are a person who does not exercise regularly, only five minutes will be enough to use it, preventing and eliminating annoying muscular pains.

Finally, we recommend that if what does not allow you to practice sports often is to think about the pain you feel after training, or if you have muscle aches from stress or other functions, you have no excuses because with TheraGun Relief Therapy the solution is within reach. from your hands Take advantage of the technology we offer at Manoma Spa.

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